Tips to a healthy gut , without ulcers hpylori bloating etc

For Discomfort, bloating, acidity, stomach ulcers,gastritis gastritis, constipation, common hpylori bacteria* can be linked closely to the lack of right bacteria in the tummy. Good news we have just the products to help you.

We have three main supplements that help treat .

We have

  • ✔️aloe Vera gel drink
  • ✔️the fields of green
  • ✔️active prob B

Forever Aloe Vera Gel

A natural cleanser for the tummy. It’s allows maximum absorption of nutrients. Aloe vera gel has anti inflammatory supplements that help to reduce the inflammation of the stomach lining .

It also has healing properties that help in healing wounds of the stomach lining

Forever Active Pro-B 4

Has *6 strains of beneficial Probiotic* & *fiber Prebiotic* that helps eliminate the bad 🦠 bacteria replacing it with the good ones ensuring bowel movement and ph balance hence no gas🤭

It also eliminates bad bacteria that causes the inflammation or gastritis or ulcers in the first place such as the h-pylori bacteria

Forever Fields of Green

Neutralizes and reduces the level of acidity to the level of a healthy person & provides fiber for proper bowel movement and gets rid of gas in the stomach


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